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An Intro to IIoT, Smart Factory Levels, Automatic Data Collection, Real-Time Dashboard, KPIs, and Analytics


Let Us Show You How Much More You Can Do:


Data Collection

Our TileConnect smart sensors are connected to your production line and collect data in real time directly from your machines.

Real-Time Dashboard

All your production data collected by our sensors is sent to the cloud for real-time visualization and stored for later reporting.

Analytics Reporting

Making important business decisions is hard, so relying on accurate, up-to-date, and easy-to-use data facilitates your decision-making process.

Continuous Improvement

By combining our Plan-Do-Check-Act technology with your expertise, you will be on your way to becoming a smart factory.


Innovating on a Daily Basis

Worximity's mission is to empower people by connecting factories through innovative technologies.

See it for yourself in our implementation video.






"Worximity has provided ADL with the tools it needs to manage its everyday operations: automatic data collection and a real-time visual of production each day. We now have visibility on all downtimes and production capacity, which will help us to continuously improve all of our production lines."

Tyler Kowalski

Operational Improvement Coordinator

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