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The fastest path to manufacturing excellence

Arm every level of your organization with the right tools to perform at their best.


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More than monitoring and metrics

With Worximity’s Manufacturing Digital Performance Manager, you get all the tools and integrations needed to accelerate the acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of your production data. 

Each solution enables different levels of your organization to perform at their best, but together,  your entire business can achieve new heights of manufacturing productivity and profitability. 


Instantly track manufacturing performance with technology that quickly and easily connects to any piece of equipment.


Enable a culture of accountability and performance with a real-time production dashboard that empowers everyone on the shop floor with the knowledge to act effectively.


Boost productivity and profitability with a virtual advisor that transforms data into tangible improvement opportunities ranked according to their impact on the bottom line.

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How we've helped our clients

20% to 30% average increase in productivity with no extra cost

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The results speak for themselves. Thanks to Worximity, we were able to boost production by 25% with the same number of employees and equipment.


Maintaining production consistency and profitability.


Installation of Worximity's solution on three high-volume packaging lines.

Results  (within 3 months)

  • 12% increase in efficiency
  • 11% increase in availability
  • 10% increase in OEE
  • 25% increase in production output

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Set and achieve production targets by arming your workforce with real-time performance visibility.

  • Real-time monitoring on shop floor (PC, TV, Tablet)
  • Downtime monitoring & justification
  • Throughput monitoring
  • OEE monitoring
  • Data export
  • 24/7 online support
  • Bulk import SKUs
  • Configure Shift Schedules
  • Email alerts on shop floor KPIs
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Enhance performance by analyzing trends across different factories, production lines, and shifts.

  • All "Starter" features included
  • Yield & Giveaway monitoring*
  • Automated reports
  • Aggregated OEE dashboards
  • API ERP & exports
  • Standard Power BI integration
  • Remote quarterly business review (QBR) with 2 opportunities


Drastically improve productivity and profitability by capitalizing on proposed insights and opportunities.

  • All "Starter" and "Pro" features included
  • Dedicated data scientist to uncover opportunities
  • Weekly online meeting to review opportunities and implementation insights

Need clarification?

What's included in Worximity's Digital Performance Manager?
Depending on the package you choose, you get access to a cloud-based real-time production monitoring dashboard, reporting and analytics, as well improvement opportunities. Check out our packages section above to learn more.
How does your technology work?

Our technology captures both digital and analog signals. The hardware connects to any piece of equipment (legacy or new) and acquires various types of production-related signals:

  1. Programmable logic controllers (PLC) 
  2. Application programming interface (API) 
  3. Various types of sensors
Which plan is right for my organization?
It depends on your specific needs and objectives. No two manufacturers are the same. We start with a conversation to better understand your objectives and from there, walk your shop floor(s) to gain insight into your processes.  
Can I get a trial?

We offer a 1-month performance assessment at a cost but no commitment. This allows us to:

  1. Understand your unique equipment, processes, and KPIs.
  2. Collect and analyze your data to identify and quantify production inefficiencies.
  3. Measure current performance against your objectives.
  4. Develop performance benchmarks, quantify deficiencies, and recommend steps for improvement.

Ready to achieve new heights of productivity and profitability?

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