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We help manufacturers reach peak performance by transforming real-time production data into actionable insights. 

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What we do

Through the power of data intelligence, Worximity allows organizations to go beyond monitoring to improve operations across every factory, production line, and shift.


Our smart sensors easily connect to any piece of equipment and instantly track manufacturing performance data.


Our real-time monitoring dashboard provides stakeholders with visibility on the shop floor.


Our proprietary algorithms transform production data into improvement opportunities ranked according to the highest impact on the bottom line.


How we've helped our clients

20% to 30% average increase in productivity with no extra cost

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“The results speak for themselves. Thanks to Worximity, we were able to boost production by 25% with the same number of employees and equipment”


Maintaining production consistency and profitability.


Installation of Worximity's solution on three high-volume packaging lines.

Results  (within 3 months)

  • 12% increase in efficiency
  • 11% increase in availability
  • 10% increase in OEE
  • 25% increase in production output

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Why partner with Worximity

Add Worximity's innovative technology to your portfolio and grow your business

Enrich your offering

Provide your clients with a comprehensive solution that accelerates the acquisition, analysis, and interpretation of their production data.

Build a strong brand

By helping companies reach new heights of productivity and profitability, your brand will become synonymous with manufacturing excellence.

Grow your revenue

Benefit from a compensation package that rewards ongoing client support and continued performance.

Who we partner with

Worximity has a network of partners from various industries and backgrounds

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Independent Software

Vendor (ISP)


Don't fit into these categories? Contact us anyways!

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How we help you

Collaboration is at the heart of our partner program from onboarding to implementation and ongoing support. 

Partner Portal

Self-serve partner portal to help streamline onboarding and ongoing client management. A one-stop-shop for all necessary documents and other resources.

Product Training

Expert training from a Worximity product expert. Learn all you need to know about the solution to help you sell and provide support to your clients.

Technical Support

Support from Worximity's multi-disciplinary team of technical experts.

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