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Our digital continuous  improvement assistance solution has enabled hundreds of manufacturers to improve their production capabilities with simple and scalable technologies.

We do this by turning shop floor data from insights into actions.

Digital continuous improvement starts here!

Results within the first hour
Once installed, our solution will instantly analyze equipment performance, generating insights that will only improve with time.

Focus on what matters
Productivity at your fingertips. Access to real-time data from your clients’ equipments and allows you to spend time on valuable work.

A key differenciator
By using cutting-edge technology to better assess your clients’ equipment and business, this helps you stand out from your competition.

Increase your outcomes
Grow with your clients. Generate more revenues with your clients and identify potential opportunities.

Scale up your revenue 
Discover a new  source of revenues with Worximity. Our strength lies in our ability to form successful partnerships with other visionaries and technological leaders who are as committed to making factories smart.







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We Are Your Partner Too!
Continuous improvement is a team work.

Worximity experts will assist you and your clients in continuous improvement journey.