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During this OEE trial, your company will learn more about how optimizing performance equals profit. This in-plant experience will use our Smart Factory analytics technology to demonstrate opportunities to address your greatest line losses.

With the trial, you’ll see how tracking OEE in real-time can:

  • Benchmark your company against industry standards.
  • Determine the amount of ROI your team can achieve.
  • Give you the insights you need to make proper decisions.
Worximity’s team of experts will work with you every step of the way to see that your trial runs smoothly and you gain a deeper understanding of your factory OEE. Interested in learning more about how it works?
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The availability of this trial is limited. Complete the form on this page to speak with a representative about this opportunity today.

“Worximity’s real-time analytics enabled management to understand reasons for machine downtime and efficiency losses and, in turn, identify the root cause issues impacting OEE. Within a few months, 95 percent of downtime causes were identified, which enabled management to systematically increase line throughput by 20 percent.” 

—Erik Frederick, President of UNO Restaurants

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