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Unlock Your Shop Floor’s Full Potential

It has never been easier to take your factory performance to the next level. Adding Tile+ and Tilelytics to TileConnect creates the ultimate factory digital continuous improvement trifecta.

Tile+: Your Digital Shop Floor

  • Easy-to-use interface that displays data from connected production lines
  • Improved decision-making based on real-time information everyone can use
  • Simplified and comprehensive communication within and between teams
  • An empowered team that feels great about contributing to production goals

Tilelytics: Your Manufacturing Analytics Platform

  • Better decision-making using real-time insights
  • Clear analytics reports that highlight areas for improvement
  • Production data analysis that helps identify patterns and trends
  • Improved production performance grounded in intelligence

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“Worximity’s real-time analytics enabled management to understand reasons for machine downtime and efficiency losses and, in turn, identify the root cause issues impacting OEE. Within a few months, 95 percent of downtime causes were identified, which enabled management to systematically increase line throughput by 20 percent.” 

—Erik Frederick, President of UNO Restaurants

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