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Some notions covered in the guide:


Identifying your digital champion

For your project to be successful, it is essential to define who is the internal champion that will carry the project from beginning to end.


Setting the right KPI

If you want to do a pilot project before making a complete digital transformation, you need to strategically choose your starting point.


Planning ROI

A Smart Factory always improves the productivity...But by calculating your potential ROI, you will surely be more motivated to invest resources in your digital transformation.

About the author of the IIoT implementation guide

Yannick Desmarais Founder & CEO

A graduate in manufacturing engineering from the University of Quebec at Trois-Rivières, Yannick worked on continuous improvement projects for several companies including Kaba Ilco, Bombardier and Viau Food Products Inc. before founding Worximity Technology Inc. in 2011 to meet the needs of manufacturers who want to monitor their operations in real time. Today, the company is on a roll with nearly 30 employees, more than 1000 real-time monitoring projects around the world and committed investors who are accelerating its growth.