TileBoard software + TileConnect Smart Sensors The simplest smart factory solution has a plan for now & each stage of your growth


Smart Factory 1

Connect Equipments


Start by connecting your equipment as a first step towards Industry 4.0

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Smart Factory 2

 Connect Workforce


Engage your teams in a digital approach to continuous improvement

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Smart Factory 3

Connect Products


Analyze performance by product or job to take full advantage of your production data

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Feature comparison
Simple data collection
Connect your equipment on your own in a few hours
Unlimited multiplatform login
Use TileBoard software on Web or iOS version
Quick performance report
Access your equipment’s past performance (Excel export)
Downtime monitoring
Measure your equipment’s status on a real-time dashboard
Production monitoring
Monitor the quantities produced on your production lines in real time
Line or equipment timeline of events
View your equipment’s status and alerts on a timeline
Real-time email notifications
React quickly to downtime and underperformance
Shop floor dashboard
Display your factory lines’ performance relative to their objectives
Shift performance comparison
Compare your teams’ productivity depending on shifts
Downtime justification
Use our smart form to discover the reasons for downtime
Pareto downtime reasons
Categorize your downtime causes by length or frequency
Centralized continuous improvement plan
Share a smart corrective action plan for increased productivity
Performance by product/job
Get % Availability and % Efficiency of your production lines by product type
Speed gap justification
Use our smart form to discover the causes of speed gaps
ERP Connectivity
Integrate your ERP data automatically into TileBoard
Quality monitoring
Measure the number of rejected items on your production lines
OEE monitoring
Monitor your production lines’ overall performance
Downtime analytics
Find out which line is the most expensive in terms of operation

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